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Jillian Dahlquist

Personal Trainer

Hi! My name is Jillian Dahlquist. I am a 22-year-old aspiring IFBB Bikini Pro bodybuilder who is currently pursuing my passion for becoming a Physical Therapist Assistant. I grew up with a competitive background that included 7 years of volleyball that turned into a love for bodybuilding. I have completed 3 NPC Bodybuilding shows and will continue to reach for the stars. My current goals are to help people become the best version of themselves while I also am following the same journey! 

My training style includes but is not limited to strength training. body composition, and overall muscle building. I aim to train my clients with an emphasis of building muscle while simultaneously burning fat. I have my certification through NASM for personal training. I have also studied nutrition for 3 years and have successfully helped my clients with healthy recipes, meal ideas, and the skill to develop nutrition and wellness into their daily lives to achieve their personal goals.

I provide in-person training as well as online training for my clients that includes full workout programs, nutrition guidance, high protein recipe sheets, and lifestyle coaching.

Jillian Dahlquist



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