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Isaac Bermudez

Personal Trainer

Certified Personal Trainer as well as a Certified Strength and Conditioning specialist through ISSA. I have been in the fitness and strength training world for over 12 years. I strive to meet everyones fitness goals whether your preference is to get in shape, be healthy, or get strong at the most affordable rates around. Helping athletes to be the best they can be or helping someone who has never been in the gym feel welcomed. We all need a little help and guidance and I am here to help.

Whether it's my athletic performance program, beginners program, or competitive powerlifting and weightlifting team, the goal is to maximize your athletic potential and achieving greatness in whatever it is you set your mind to. With my dedicated coaching you'll find the inspiration, expertise, and community you need to reach your lifting aspirations.

Isaac Bermudez



Get Inspired

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