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Class Instructor

Tiffany is a fitness instructor with decades of experience. She began teaching group fitness classes while she was in college. After beginning her career in the corporate world and sitting at a desk all day, she decided to try yoga and she loved it - so she began her practice. She teaches Vinyasa & Power Yoga. Tiffany is a native Floridian. Her & her husband enjoy traveling the world looking for the best beaches & surf breaks. 

Tiffany's style of teaching is geared for intermediate yogis, incorporating yoga flows that require strength & stamina. Her class is not new-agey at all. The environment is not judgmental, competitive or demanding. It is a class intended to expand your yoga practice by encouraging the focus on your own practice and intentions for being there.

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Classes I Teach

Vinyassa Yoga

Vinyassa Yoga

Intermediate flow yoga practice with great musical playlists

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