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Overall Health

There is no age limit for Tai Chi. It can be learned and practiced from childhood to advanced age. Chair Tai Chi is also effective for those who have difficulty standing. Everyone is encouraged to experience this class which has following four major benefits, among others.

  • Improve Balance - A mind power modality to provide the easiest and most effective method to improve Balance for seniors and anyone else who might need it.

  • Build Internal Strength - This is a  different type of strength than muscle strength that weight-trainers and body-builders do not experience. 

  • Create Self-healing Ability - Learn a unique healing ability for many difficult internal issues and physical injuries. (There are many testimonials for your reference.)

  • Teaches Self-Defense - Tai Chi is one of the best Martial Arts for Self-Defense that anyone can learn and do. 

You must come to class personally to experience the power of Chi.


Master Chung


Light, Moderate



60 Minutes


Get Inspired

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